The BIG Project 4

We are raising money for a fabulous Outside Learning area in the grounds of the school.

Want to get involved? It’s exciting, it’s ambitious, and it is the definition of a Legacy project!

If you are a builder, landscape architect, or keen gardener please get in touch as you could be a vital part in making this happen in 2012.

Contact Helen at or 07977 493262


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4 thoughts on “The BIG Project

  • Helen Cooper

    The Big Project is the biggest challenge that we are looking to undertake as the Friends of Woolmer Hill. I am hoping to have a meeting with the Planning team at Waverley Council this week to start the process off, and also to get an understanding of what they need from us to ensure we have the best chance for approval!
    Watch this space for more details when we have them.

    • helen Post author

      Hi Will
      We estimate £60,000 in total, and we pretty much need to raise all of that so all help and support is appreciated!

      • Will

        Do you think it is possible to send me some scale drawings, blueprints, schematics…Logistical information…things like that?
        If you could I would be so greatful